Friday, August 28, 2009

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I can only start to imagine the grim image of someone perishing right before your eyes. For you dad, your birthday this year might not have been one to remember but ignore the finger-pointers, the critics, you'll do just fine.

As for me, after all the media whirlwind about the influenza, I may have chosen a perfect time to contract such a virus as the hype dies down. Of course I'm hoping it isn't. I despise how it has immobilized me for the better part of the past 3 days. Not that I really have anything ultimately to anticipate in the next 3 months or so but you get it. Props to thegf for all the pampering and being taken care of.

I'm lugging myself through week 5 now and I'm pretty sure everyone of you are doing the same? I love thursdays because I sit through an hour of tutorial, 3 hours of senseless conversation with dragan and mel, and sometimes after, watch mel play halo on the xbox at her place. My studies have never taken a forefront role in my list of priorities but I'm pretty confident I'll end up somewhere in life. Or not? We'll leave that for later.

To simplify what has changed around here, nothing. Apart from not getting pathetically drunk on my own now, yes, I've been to a fair few parties where I quickly became drunk but sobered up miraculously faster after every single time. I wish I had more of these parties to go to, but I suppose you only get one birthday a year right.

My cousin's still being that selfish prick that he is. You know I just dont really give a shit anymore about who washes the majority of dishes and crap. He's just going to be like this so I'll let him be like this. Today, I washed 63.75% of the dishes that we used for lunch. He buys my liquid breakfast and redbull, stashes his own stuff into the fridge and leaves mine outside. Enough ranted. *flashes a finger over to the other room*

I'm allocating some money for a haircut. I miss how I just walk into the ahneh barber back home and tell him "pendek, belakang, sideburn semua pendek" then wait for him to shake his head in approval, "atas, sideburn, belakang semua natural". Throw in a shave and complimentary head massage for 10 ringgit. I pay 25 dollars here and I have to pick my hairstyle through a catalogue!

To top up to the sights and sounds of where I live now. Those bastard frankston hobos just wont stop skating at the park opposite well after midnight.



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