Friday, August 28, 2009

.me scares face Your

I can only start to imagine the grim image of someone perishing right before your eyes. For you dad, your birthday this year might not have been one to remember but ignore the finger-pointers, the critics, you'll do just fine.

As for me, after all the media whirlwind about the influenza, I may have chosen a perfect time to contract such a virus as the hype dies down. Of course I'm hoping it isn't. I despise how it has immobilized me for the better part of the past 3 days. Not that I really have anything ultimately to anticipate in the next 3 months or so but you get it. Props to thegf for all the pampering and being taken care of.

I'm lugging myself through week 5 now and I'm pretty sure everyone of you are doing the same? I love thursdays because I sit through an hour of tutorial, 3 hours of senseless conversation with dragan and mel, and sometimes after, watch mel play halo on the xbox at her place. My studies have never taken a forefront role in my list of priorities but I'm pretty confident I'll end up somewhere in life. Or not? We'll leave that for later.

To simplify what has changed around here, nothing. Apart from not getting pathetically drunk on my own now, yes, I've been to a fair few parties where I quickly became drunk but sobered up miraculously faster after every single time. I wish I had more of these parties to go to, but I suppose you only get one birthday a year right.

My cousin's still being that selfish prick that he is. You know I just dont really give a shit anymore about who washes the majority of dishes and crap. He's just going to be like this so I'll let him be like this. Today, I washed 63.75% of the dishes that we used for lunch. He buys my liquid breakfast and redbull, stashes his own stuff into the fridge and leaves mine outside. Enough ranted. *flashes a finger over to the other room*

I'm allocating some money for a haircut. I miss how I just walk into the ahneh barber back home and tell him "pendek, belakang, sideburn semua pendek" then wait for him to shake his head in approval, "atas, sideburn, belakang semua natural". Throw in a shave and complimentary head massage for 10 ringgit. I pay 25 dollars here and I have to pick my hairstyle through a catalogue!

To top up to the sights and sounds of where I live now. Those bastard frankston hobos just wont stop skating at the park opposite well after midnight.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Back home, these are my mates.

Over he-are, these are me maites.

Fo focks sake, footie's not the roight naime.



"Everything's a maite over he-are."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too miserable for my own good

In trying times, commit and jump.

Why am I so miserable? Do I not love this life?

I just cant seem to find my footing around these shores. Surely, somewhere, you're undoubtedly watching me falter. There's nothing more heartwrenching-ly amusing than watching someone like me sink far below the surface of normality. Day by day I turn more and more into dust. And you're all here to witness this feat of mine.

There's no feeling like being home. Yes, it feels secure and warmly familiar. The way the bed caves into your weight, the folds on the quilt. But I find myself seemingly afraid to say that this is exactly what I needed. I may have wrongly judged. Maybe?

There is a question which begs an answer. How do I collect myself here for the benefit of returning back to unfamiliarity? Split, swayed by the prospect of a responsibility to fulfill and the idea of loneliness.

I'm sorry, I have not done my part of the bargain. I have not yet come home to clear the air in my head. My mind's clouded, the water's murkier. The departure is inevitable. Part of me yearns for the avoidance to once again dissappoint, whole of me wants clarity.

Why is it hard? This hard for this head of mine to turn this feeling on its rear and send it packing? What have I done wrongly in the process? People have been where I've been, come and go, they've all done exceptionally mediocre, if not well. But still pulled along and emerged unscathed.

Pretty hard for you to read this till this point. Its relatively easier to dissappoint than to please with raw thoughts. Its hard to not get envious of others and pull back and say they're different. No, I'm different. If there's any relevance to it, I should be indifferent to this. But unfortunately I'm not.

I am home. In this comfort. But it feels far from home.

Asking too much?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You cant see me

Few months have passed since I embarked on this journey to self-improvement. I may have achieved a considerable amount of it but I'm nowhere near the finished product. Almost synonymous to the force-field analysis in management, my absurd amount of driving forces for change is quite certainly to be met by increasing restraining forces stacked up against me.

My biggest vice is that I discreetly hate to be that particular forlorn figure standing on the sidelines watching everyone else adapt so well. While simultaneously wanting so fervently to be able to take the long hour ride home. But I have come to question myself time and time again, will being home make a change? The prospect of home sounds endlessly appealing.

Undoubtedly I'm going home to figure myself out. Figure this out. This whole rut that I've put myself through. I will need to be refreshed to shake off this envy. The green envy. But what will two weeks improve? Will it serve its course of refreshment or will it bog down my efforts?

I think I'm a dark character. Twisted by sensitivity. Yearning for attention. Which has probably been the contributing force as to why my adolescent years were plagued with depressive spells. Right up to this day, those traits might never have gone too far from me. I'm like a shadow, never stepping out into the light but there's a certainty that I'm there, following behind nonetheless.

I am the king of mediocrity. Achieving at the middle-most degree. Never excelling in anything undertaken. I've always wanted to be the best at some things I do, but I cant even acknowledge something I do good. While other peers have gone on to become someone better, I'm still that someone teetering on the borderline of failure and acceptence. I'm so exceptionally good at nothing that I take winning the sperm race really seriously as an achievement. No, that was stupid.
As a mere reader, albeit all the words, there are so many things that you just cant comprehend about me.
I wish you could. Really really.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Outlook update

This is me now.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Passive aggressive

Its safe to assume that my best days are way behind me. And that the best is still yet to come.

Merely done with half a year here and I find myself cultivating some sort of angst, an unconditional despise for the locals. Partly contributed by the fact that there has been too much racism and discrimination bestowed upon the superior race, practiced with the guidance of devilish forms such as binge drinking. Or maybe just routine ignorance to be brought up with. I'm may not be someone to talk however, being just a visitor to this stolen land. Even in my beautiful land of home I'm aptly labelled an "immigrant" for that matter.

Though I'm not here to be an advocate against racism am I? However disgustingly appealing it may seem, its set to stay for a long time more.
Despite having to be wary finding my way around, I've been doing better than the last time I checked in here with something substantial. Been going around alot, getting my calendar filled. The state library remains my favourite haunt. The free internet is besides the point. I'm more than happy to burrow myself in a corner and do my shit. Yes, I'm a corner person. Took awhile to get accustomed to getting around the library as big as a museum. Well, it partly is a museum.

I finally got my first semester of assignments tucked away nicely in the lecturers' dropbox as well. Hoping to prove myself right that I'm more inclined to being hands-on because I never do my best in full-scale exams. In the course of time, management has established itself as my forte, my front-running subject, and as much as my attempts to contribute this to the fact that I have indulged in 8 days, 2 hours, 51 minutes worth of football manager is abit far-fetched. I think this is my stepping stone to becoming a great football manager. A career option I would never dismiss, although not valid in terms of Malaysian football.

So far most of my assignments have fetched better than average. Although to think I'm only treading water in my first year would extinguish some shine into that notion. However may I stress that it is not easy. Its like how SPM was when you were in form 5. And to come out to college and say it was nothing.

On fashion level, I find myself more inclined to dressing up more korean-like. Pardon my stereotyping. My hair certainly plays the part, my body shape has dramatically altered to make a size 32 pair of skinny jeans seem like a size 36. I never leave home without my essentials, like any metrosexual, I have essentials now, that certain items can only be paired with complementary accessories. A scarf, my converses or onitsuka tigers, my d60 (I'm still yet to do justice to its hefty price), ear studs, and a country road bag that slings around your arms like a conventional handbag. There are still some Gucci shades and Ferragamo belts that I've yet to conquer. I'm just kidding. Or am I?
I think the correct term for the look I'm trying to achieve is bohemian.

Prioritising by importance, I'll be returning home on the 7th of July to restock on basic topman tees (the tight bright ones), a leather jacket, new lenses, mock thick-framed glasses, more skinny jeans, a fedora and a beanie (preferably with nice ear-flaps and a little cotton ball hanging from the top). Before family and meeting old acquaintances. And suzy, oh how much I've missed her.


Sunday, May 31, 2009


Blog readers, meet Muffin.
Muffin, meet blog readers.

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